Come, almost Get Your Traffic! Sorry this is really a Demo Site!!
An aWTeSoft Traffic Exchange demo site set up to give you a peek at the software!
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If this site was Not a Demo, You would be Getting Traffic!

Our Network Banner Advertising System!


Click Members Area to Enter the aWTeSoft 2.1 Demo Site !

aWTeSoft 2.1 Basic combines a Traffic Exchange with a Credit Based On Site Banner and Text Ad System plus a Credit Based Member to Member Private Message System.

More Features than ANY other Software :

  • Sell Traffic as well as Banner, Text Ad and Private Message Credits
    • Sell On Site Advertising easily sell advertising across your site.
    • Sell E-Mail Ads with or without a member incentive
    • Complete, One Time Confirm and one Time Log In Offer System
  • Features that Help Keep your site's Member Base Active.
    • Prize Page System lets you add as many as you like.
    • Progressive Surf Offer System lets you set up progressive surfing offers with graphics.
    • Complete Contest System: allows contests for surfing, referrals and referral page hits.
    • No Other Software Offers these Features as a Basic Option.

  • 3 Surf Tracks allow you flexibility on Credit Use
    • Run Manual Only and Sell Banner and Text Ad Credits
    • Run Auto Only and Sell Banner and Text Ad Credits
    • Run Manual/ Auto and Sell Banner/Text Ad Credits
    • Run Banners on Any Surf Track Credit Your Choose
    • Run Text Ads on Any Surf track Credit You Choose.
    • Sell 4 types of Credits that are Automatically Added.

  • Automatic Payment Gateway for Top Payment Processors:
    • PayPal - Payza Included
    • Manual Payments with 'Auto Button Genertaor' for Others
      • Solid Trust Pay - Google Checkout - Money Bookers - Liberty Reserve and More.
    • Easily Add Your Own Items and Sales for Member or Non Member Purchase
    • No Limit to How many Items you can Add in Your On Site System

The Best Traffic Exchange Sofytware on t

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